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Maximize Demand,
Minimize Delays.

UniversalBid – powered by Mediavine – adds unique demand from 25 SSPs and DSPs through a single integration.

Higher viewability, fewer discrepancies, faster page loads.

Go DWP Direct

Go DSP Direct

With UniversalBid, DSP integrations compete alongside SSP connections. All via one Prebid connection with the power, flexibility and industry-leading performance you need



Mediavine’s Prebid.js adapter builds upon the modules and analytics you love about Prebid. A member of, Mediavine built its Prebid.js adapter to combine innovative S2S technologies with best-in-class ad performance.

Focus on Speed

Focus on Speed

Client-side bidders are removed to speed up ad auctions, resulting in higher viewability, fewer discrepancies, and faster page loads. Get the speed of S2S header bidding with the performance of client-side header bidding.

Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Third-party cookies are going away. UniversalBid is built not only for the current ecosystem, but what lies beyond it. With support for all major ID partners, seller-defined audiences and more, it’s ready for the cookie-less future we are ushering in.

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First Party Data

First-Party Data Baked In

First-party data is the future. UniversalBid integrates with Grow, Mediavine’s solution to monetize authenticated traffic and first-party data via one server-side connection. With Grow, you can generate first-party data and realize its value.

Best In Class

Best-in-Class Sales Team

Mediavine programmatic sellers deliver industry-leading CPMs to 8,500 Mediavine publishers. This same team will bring unique demand to UniversalBid.


UniversalBid is architected to support all major ad formats including display, in-stream and outstream video, and native.

Display Ads
Display Ads
Video Ads
Instream/Outstream Video Ads
Native ads
Coming Soon: Native Ads
Universal Player
Coming Soon: Universal Player

With UniversalBid comes free access to the Universal Player for video inventory. Mediavine’s custom built outstream player hooks up to 25+ demand sources, producing performance that surpasses instream thanks to our exclusive demand and lightweight code. No more pricey video products, no exclusivity to one partner. Universal Player does it all.

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Universal Payment

No more juggling contracts or chasing down invoices. UniversalBid consolidates 25+ demand sources using a single contract and payment.

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Battle Tested by Trillions

Built by Mediavine, a longtime Google Certified Publishing Partner, for 8,500 ad management clients, UniversalBid is already live, and has been tested by thousands of websites across trillions of bid requests. UniversalBid is built to scale and optimized for your launch.